Blast from the Past and Some Updates

(I've so woefully neglected this space. The door sticks and everything's covered with dust but here I am, stepping carefully into the room and gently easing open the curtains.)

MOON! shouts S, and that is just one of the many, many things he's saying these days. "I found my car!" is another favorite, and I think he hides it and "forgets" just so he can make that announcement with pride.

W is also talking, and has a really wonderful way of saying No like she's considering saying Yes but it's just better for everyone if she says No. Like, I challenge any classically trained actor to say No with that many layers. Impossible.

Amid all the vocabulary, I've started a guest lecturer position at the University of California, San Diego, place where Corey and I first met and we both got our MFAs. Maybe a billion years ago.

Teaching is one of my enduring loves, and it's been a bit mind-boggling to go back to a place so thick with memories. I have a physical reaction upon entering Galbraith Hall. The campus has changed - is changing - rapidly, but still, the florescent lights hum in the same way,  the front office looks the same, the black box is still black, and faces and voices dodge around every corner.

Making the trek from LA to SD to LA twice a week means A LOT of driving, and I'm not historically someone who loves to do that. But as Corey says, it's hours of alone time, and as my dear friend Jen says, you can listen to whatever the fuck you want.

Which, for me, means a lot of Marc Maron / Mom and Dad are Fighting / Dear Sugars and as of tomorrow, the Onion podcast A Very Fatal Murder. The title alone made me guffaw.

A new job, a staggering number of audiobook deadlines, auditions, two toddlers - it's all happening in this petri dish we call our loft.

Recent highlight: I made tuna melts for lunch today. Love a goddamn tuna melt.

Stay tuned for more intermittent and random jottings.