Pregnant Fashion Third Trimester: Ingrid & Isabel

For some reason, I've resisted buying maternity jeans.

Well, I know why. Many of them are stupid-expensive. Like so much maternity clothing, a brand will slap on a premium markup because they know pregnant women are uncomfortable and vulnerable and just might drop $250 on a pair of jeans with elastic inserts to feel like a human being.

I just worked on a TV show in Vancouver and wardrobe kindly got me a pair of maternity jeans from Citizens of Humanity. And they're great. And about $250.

That's a bit steep for me. So when I saw this pair, the Sasha Skinny, from Ingrid & Isabel, I pounced.

I've already purchased two items from this company, and I love both: Their Bellaband (for use with your existing jeans) and their Active Knee Pant, which also use their Crossover Panel design. This design is soooo comfortable, and you don't feel like a sausage in a tube.

The crossover design in the back gives support while keeping you cool and without constricting, and I've come to really appreciate that.

So I'm super-excited about the jeans because let's face it -- in the third trimester, the belly needs all the design help it can get. The Bellaband is great but it can be tricky to access pockets and sometimes going to the bathroom is annoying with even one extra, small step. With the jeans I can just yank 'em down and pull 'em up. Much like a toddler diaper.

Ohhhhh, I see what's going on, here.