Catapult Story

A few months ago, my dear friend Lynn Chen alerted me that Catapult editor Nicole Chung was looking for essays about adoption.

My mind twirled. We had recently adopted S jr and with my own adoption as a low-level hum throughout, the whole thing felt too close. Articulating anything would be impossible.

But the writing process has always been a consistent support for me, a way to work through problems, stress, confusion, excitement. So I jotted down some hasty first thoughts and sent them to Nicole.

When Nicole and Catapult expressed interest, I experienced a mild panic and then realized that no matter what, the experience of trying to put these thoughts into words would be a gift.

And that's exactly what it was. Nicole is an amazing editor, and getting to work with a professional writer and editor to shape a piece is something I've always dreamed of. Incredible.

I'm so grateful to Lynn, Nicole and Catapult. To my dear family and friends. For my son. For his first mother.