Pregnant Fashion at 5 Months: STORQ

When I first found out I was pregnant, the news remained abstract for a good long while.

As thrilled as we were (and are) about the surprise, it felt so theoretical. I'd seen an ultrasound but it was relatively early in my pregnancy and there was no physical evidence. I didn't have morning sickness, I wasn't showing yet, and sure, I was exhausted, but I had a newborn. Explain to me how I could be more exhausted.

So now that my belly is rounder and my boobs are bigger (hey now, that's fun) I'm feeling more and more like an actual pregnant person. Growing a life. Holy shit.

I waited for months before buying any maternity clothing...mostly out of disbelief and a small amount of superstition. But when my jeans became impossible to zip up and fasten I realized Yeah, this isn't gonna work.

But it's important to me that in these first months of bump sightings I don't go crazy and buy a ton of stuff that I'll never wear again. The maternity fashion industry is a HUGE money suck, and I get it because hey – when you're starting to feel oversized and waddle-y and less than svelte, you just might want to invest in a few items that are super comfortable without making you look like a walking mattress.

So in keeping with our loft living philosophy of less is more, I'm attempting to choose pieces that A) I can wear any time, at any stage, B) If a little pricey, are beautifully made and practical enough to get a ton of use out of, and C) Stylish enough to actually want to wear.

Here's what I've found to round out (ahem) my rounding self.

STORQ Basics

I eyed this bundle for awhile before taking the plunge...but each piece seemed so practical that I trusted it would be worth it. And yes, hell yes, they are.

The Basics set comes with four pieces:

1. An extra-long white tank with thoughtful details, like no scratchy lables, wide straps to cover your bra, a nice low neckline to show off some cleave and make nursing easier later on.

2. Leggings with a nice stretchy waist to wear pulled up over your belly or folded down. A little extra fabric at the bottom, and perfect for layering or just lounging around.

3. A scoop-neck dress that tapers to just below the knee, with short sleeves and a perfect fit.

4. This skirt is my jam. The fabric is double thick, so if you tuck anything in, the line stays smooth. It also tapers and can be worn above or below your belly. If you're pregnant and want to wear the closest thing to a pencil skirt, this is it.

With all of these pieces, STORQ has made them with as few seams as possible and the softest, most comfortable, luxurious Lenzing Modal fabric, with just a little Spandex for stretch. The site also has some great How to Wear videos that I kind of obsessed over.

Everything can be layered, dressed up or down, and feels thoughtfully designed for women who still want to feel put together while pregnant. I have worn everything a TON. Plus, I can wear all of these pieces after pregnancy, too.

I splurged on one other item from STORQ, and again, so worth it. This caftan dress is another beautifully designed piece, made from super soft cotton twill that drapes and stays cool, which has been lovely in this late summer L.A. heat.

It's also designed with nursing in mind, and can be worn with or without the belt. Also, if I could sky write one word to all designers of women's clothing it would be POCKETS. Women have hands. We want to put them places. That can also carry a lip balm. Must studies be done? Sheesh. So yes, the Caftan has pockets, thank the gods.

I mean, freaking cute, right? I plan on wearing it home from the hospital, it's that comfortable.

For me, this clothing is an investment. I've learned that, for the most part, paying a little more means getting a piece that is well designed, well made from luxe, practical fabrics, and thoughtfully produced. All of STORQ's clothing is knitted, dyed, cut and sewn here in L.A..

And since everything is classic and integrates seamlessly, I've had fun mixing and matching with my existing wardrobe.

Round on, ladies.

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