Friday Feels: Kintsugi

There is much about Japanese culture I admire - not least of which is the design aesthetic.

So much of what I've experienced with Japanese products, clothing, architecture and furniture design involves deep pleasure from a thoughtful, minimal standpoint.

In Japan, even the repair process is treated with artistic respect. Kintsugi, or golden joinery, is a wonderful example of acknowledging an object's history and celebrating it's flaws.

The images over at Yatzer illustrate the beauty and practicality of Kintsugi, with gold inlay forming pools and veins in the previously cracked tile work:

photo by Alexandre & Emilie {Persona production} for Yatzer

I find the practice of not only keeping the broken bits, but then honoring them in a new way, beautiful. There is so much in life that begs to be looked back on with regret, or shame, or anger. I've definitely had, and continue to have, events/things/people that frustrate and challenge me, sometimes in ways that seem insurmountable. I've got some broken bits that are the direct result of just existing in life, and I've got some jaggedy cracks of my own making.

But what a lovely way to re-see those fissures. And to then take care to fill them with gold?

Who couldn't use more of that, yo?

Happy Friday, everyone. Kintsugi on.