DTLA HotSpot: Birdies

I'm a simple human with simple needs, so when a place touting COFFEE DONUTS CHICKEN opens up within walking distance, I can't help but feel like I'm being rewarded for good deeds.

Like that time I didn't flip the bird at that driver. That one time.

Birdies brings together the triumvirate of tasty, and let's just get this amazing fact out there: it's open 24 HOURS on Fridays and Saturdays.

People. This is major. I'm already looking forward to being "seized" with a "craving" at some dark hour.

Chef J and business partner Keith Bae (hey that rhymes) have joined forces on this flagship location and specialize in free-range chicken and donuts made on the hour.

Another amazing fact: Free Samples. Free Samples of any donut. Sorry. That was just my brain exploding.

The customer ahead of us was getting a box of donuts to go, as it was National Donut Day and how could one not take advantage of a celebration?

The donut menu varies, but the day we were there they had Strawberry, Maple Bacon, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and more.

Corey and I were both hungry (why even set foot in such an establishment unless you're prepared) so I ordered the Birdies Original – Fried Chicken Breast Sandwich with cole slaw, buttermilk ranch mayo, Tillamook cheddar and cured pickles, and Corey ordered the Birdies Spicy, which came with all the same except Tillamook Pepperjack.

Delicious. I ate this sandwich a little too fast. Breathe, Osmanski.

We got our donuts to go – the maple bacon and the strawberry.

But for the person who alreadyhas everything...the gold-plated donut! $100, and at the time of this writing they've already sold 13!

Even Einstein thinks that's a fabulous idea.


314 West Olympic Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90015