Multipurpose: Scout Regalia Folding Table

Have I mentioned we live in one big room?

Fortunately, curating our home is fun. Sometimes it puts me into a dull stupor, but I love solving the puzzle.

Almost everything in our loft has more than one purpose. I recently put together an IKEA shelf unit, installed drawers and cupboards, added coasters, and plan on making a cushion so it can also function as a window seat. Our two big work desks can be rolled away from the wall and pushed together to make an enormous dining table. Our wheeled end tables can hold books and magazines and are also used to eat dinner while watching Netflix.

One of the most loved additions to our home is the amazing SR Folding Table by LA-based design practice Scout Regalia. Designers Benjamin and Makoto (and lovely humans) create beautiful, practical, innovative furniture. Most of the time, our table hangs on the wall, from an SR Wall Hook, another of their fantastic designs.

The genius: A) it can hang B) it's magnetic and C) it's a dry-erase board.

Ready for your close-up, Wall Hook?

When not in use, we keep the legs tucked against another wall. They take up hardly any room.

Attaching the legs is pretty simple – each side pops into a duo of rubber grips...

And HELLO! The nicest folding table I've ever experienced! The whole thing is fabricated from powder-coated steel, so despite the slim lines, it feels very sturdy and substantial.

We've sat four people around it for snacks/drinks but it's best suited for two, for meals.

And it's become my go-to for crafting and sewing.

This is the kind of multi-purpose furniture that thrives in a small space because it's usable in every configuration. We're constantly scribbling on it for list-making, and I'm already excited for S jr to use it as a drawing surface, and also a building surface with these blocks.

With lots of anticipated park time, I've got my eye on this blanket...

Clearly, I'm a fan.