DTLA HotSpot: Mega Bodega


There's a new kid in town, friends, and it's awesome. Mega Bodega is just two months young but after our visit today, I dearly hope it's a place that can grow old in the neighborhood.

Owner Scott Kroha is convivial yet chill, and that pretty much characterizes the vibe of the place. Described as Coffee + Craft Beer + Food, I had a feeling all the bases would be covered, particularly for Corey. 

We're always excited to find a new watering hole/eatery within walking distance, and I think this might be our new favorite place.

We headed there one late morning with S jr in the Babasling, ready for coffee and something to chew. 

The Mega is less about square footage and directly a reference to Mega Man, the classic Nintendo game. When the roll door is pulled down, the image is complete. I love the front patio, which is licensed to be alcohol-friendly and welcomes your canine buddy. As Scott says, the high-backed surround benches give a little privacy from the bustle of Broadway, which, with the recent sidewalk bumpouts, is down to just three lanes of traffic. More breathing room, literally.

Inside, Mega Bodega is lean and spare, which I love. There's plenty of seating, both at the bar and tables.

The mural in front definitely catches your eye:

Scott worked with artist/friend Peter Wilday to create this cool sculpture, which I believe Peter said would be like Pick-Up Stix and lasers. I love it.

So, again, this place does coffee AND beer. Small batch, often locally-brewed, and constantly changing. Check out the wooden taps:

Pastry case, natch. Almost fell for a maple bar, but I'll save that for another time.

When I'm new to a place, I always like to see what they do with a basic latte. Mega Bodega did not disappoint. For me, a small test is whether or not I want to add any sweetener. If the coffee isn't too heavily roasted and the balance of milk is right, there isn't a need to add a thing, and this latte fit the bill. Plus, I love the mug.

I can't turn down Avocado Toast, and Scott does it with pickled onions which are sooooo tasty. He's in the process of pickling some corn, too, which will also be a topping. Coming back for that. Corey opted for their take on a Croque-monsieur and we exchanged bites. Mine was great. His was great. Whew, since sometimes I get order-envy. We both won.

And of course, with a baby, it's amazing what can suddenly become intensely NOT baby-friendly. But Mega Bodega during the day was lovely, and S jr bellied up to the bar no problem. In a household where coffee is a dearly beloved thing, he's gonna get used to seeing it in several different settings.

For now, though, Papa's face is pretty interesting, too.

Corey couldn't leave without trying the Nyce Guy, named in honor of staff member-friend-fellow beer nerd Shaun Nystrand, who came up with this incredible concoction.

I'll let Scott explain the Nyce Guy:

I'm sorry I didn't get a shot of Corey's face after he took the first sip of the Nyce Guy...I think I was laughing too hard because his expression was one of pure happiness. The combination of two of his favorite things kind of blew his mind.

Feeling a little giddy, he then asked for the special, a Rosemary Latte.

Yes, that's right. Simple syrup. Rosemary fresh from Scott's garden. Coffee. Milk.

Freaking MAGIC. Here's my expression of delight and near-disbelief. God, that thing was delicious.


Thanks, Mega Bodega! We'll be back very, very soon.

MEGA BODEGA • 1001 S Broadway 90015