Mother's Day Gift Guide

May 8, 2016 is just around the corner!

For many reasons, this is one manufactured holiday that I'll deign to step off my moral high horse for...probably because if ever there were a group of people who deserved at least one solid day of love and recognition and general fawning over, it's Moms.

And no, I don't just feel this way because I am now a Mom.

(Speaking of, is there a Stepmom's Day? Why yes, there is.)

Luckily, there are about a million ways to celebrate any moms in your life. This year, these are the gifts that have caught my eye, and would likely delight any mom, at any age.

1. Brag Book

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This year, for Corey's mom, I used Pinhole Press to easily design a little Brag Book, which is a fun way for grandma to show off her most recent grandchild. I love the fabric cover and accordion design, which accommodates eight photos. The online design process was super easy and fun. If you order within the next couple days you'll make it by Mother's Day!

2. Delucious Cookies

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These amazing cookies have been my go-to for all kinds of thank you gifts. I love the packaging, the range of flavors, and the fact that if delivered in Los Angeles they can arrive with ice-cold milk. Come ON. After S jr was home, we sent boxes of these cookies to the wonderful nurses and staff at the hospital where he was born. It's a beautiful gift. Gluten-free options, too! Since these cookies are baked and delivered fresh, they're a great last-minute option.

3. Initial Necklace

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One year, when my sister had a fairly new blended family, I thought it would be nice if she had a piece of jewelry that combined all the little ones. I found a delicate gold chain and hammered gold charms with the initial for each child. This idea is lovely for one child or seven, and can be customized for a bracelet, too. Lots of options available, like these simple versions on etsy.

4. Massage

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Who doesn't love a reason to relax? A massage will always be one of my favorite gifts because it's experiential and always, always needed. The appointment can range from simple to extravagant, but right now I'm loving the wellness treatments at The Springs. Definitely add a session in the Infrared Sauna before the will transform the experience.

5. Brunch

Like I need another reason to do brunch. What is it about a leisurely daytime, weekend meal that often includes alcohol? Oh, right. It's incredible. In DTLA, there are a bunch of fantastic places to share a meal with Mama, but here are some of my favorites.


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Not just because this restaurant often uses our honey on its menu does it get the first place on my list. It's saying something to take over a neighborhood favorite and transform it into a new neighborhood favorite, and that's what Josef Centeno has done. Brunch menu standouts: Coddled Eggs Benedict, Avocado and Cream Cheese Toast, and the One Two One cocktail.

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This gorgeous restaurant was one of the first to bring some elegance to DTLA, and while it can mean a lengthy wait at dinner (no reservations), brunch has been a much easier ticket. I think that during the day is when this place really glows, anyway. Besides their beautiful brunch menu, they also feature some special Mother's Day pastries. Trust me, if you really want to blow her hair back, give her one of these.


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When chef Neal Fraser recently announced the addition of a brunch menu, I may have actually squealed. This is, hands-down, one of my favorite restaurants in all of Los Angeles. Besides the incredible setting (retractable glass roof - amazing) in the rectory building of the former Vibiana Cathedral, the food and service are pretty perfect. It's definitely a special occasion restaurant, which for me makes it all the more enjoyable. Their Mother's Day Brunch menu looks mouth-watering. Lobster Omelet? Twist my arm. Note: there is also a Brunch Beverage menu. Ding ding.

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Gift ideas and brunch menus aside, Mother's Day can be a complicated holiday, loaded with emotion. For me, as an adoptee who has lost two moms and now a mom to my own adopted son, it always will be. So I'm looking forward to defining it for myself, in my own way. If that includes Lemon Ricotta Pancakes, so be it.

Thoughts on Mother's Day?