DTLA HotSpot: Coco Fresh

Songs should be written about it, speeches made to it from high places, odes scrawled to it passionately with a quill on parchment.

Yes, I'm talking about boba or bubble tea or pearl milk tea. The goodness.

If it were up to C jr, boba would be a food group. This kid loves the boba with a ferocity unparalled.

This photo is from the first time we went to Coco Fresh. I am not lying when I say C jr shed tears of happiness. Like I said – love affair.

Since then, we've been back several times, and Coco Fresh also has a new location right across the street from Pershing Square. But for whatever reason, we tend to favor the South Park location, and made yet another pilgrimage there recently.

I have no idea what this mascot is called. Baby Coco? Blue Shape Wearing an Orange Shirt? Only Eyes? Anyway, it's cute and inflated and I made C jr stand next to it. S jr was asleep or he would have had an eyeful.

The menu had expanded since our last visit, and this was too good to pass up. Behold, the Panda Boba. Called thus because of the two types of boba used - the traditional, black boba and a smaller, light boba. Classic milk tea flavor.

C jr couldn't wait to try it!

I managed to wrestle C jr out to the patio...

And documented the imbibing of my boba - freshly squeezed grapefruit juice with Yakult. I'd never had a fruity boba before and with the tanginess of the Yakult it was the BOMB.

Once upon a time, Corey didn't like boba...a texture thing. But he's hooked on the chocolate milk tea boba, which is proof that chocolate makes everything better. Boba can take a little getting used to, but I love the chewy texture and the experience of slurping them up the giant straw. Kind of the action film of drinks. Slurp – POW - Chew - Repeat!

How do you like your boba?


Coco Fresh - South Park
1113 S. Hope Street, Los Angeles, 90015  Mon-Sat: 11:30-10:30PM / Sun: 11:30-9PM

Coco Fresh - Pershing Square
521 S. Olive Street, Los Angeles 90013Mon-Sat: 10:30-7:30PM / Sun: 11:30-9PM