DTLA HotSpot: Whole Foods

I'm not gonna lie – when I heard about the Whole Foods being built in DTLA I simultaneously thought OH WOW and OH NO. Because while the decision to put that particular grocery store definitely vets the on-the-rise nature of downtown, it also starts to price people out of the neighborhood. Someone recently told me that a Whole Foods ups real estate value by $40,000. I don't know if that's true, but I understand the association.

Still, it has been nice having Whole Paycheck Foods within walking distance. And this past weekend, we decided to take a little jaunt to pick up a few things and grab some lunch.

We strapped S jr into the Doona and headed into the sunny day. God, I love the Doona.

The Whole Foods is on the ground level of the new Eighth & Grand 700 unit complex. (Sidenote: is it just me, or is "eighth" just barely a word? I admire all people who learn English as a second language.) And let me express my gratitude for the beautiful mural by Italian street artist Jacopo Ceccarelli, who goes by 2501 on his work. I love when corporate entities are smart enough to visually enhance a location with amazing art.

The interior is pretty much what we've all come to expect from a Whole Foods – except this downtown location really highlights the exposed pipes and concrete.

But who needs fruit when there's cake to be had? The deli and bakery sections in this Whole Foods are fantastic, and there's also currently a Chego installed in between, which is where we decided to get lunch.

If you haven't eaten the tasty that is Chego, then get yourself to one of their locations, stat. Roy Choi is the menu boss and gah the food is soooo good. I got the Leafy T with fried chili garlic tofu rice and a fried egg, Thai basil, greens and fried shallots on top.

We ate outside on the lovely covered patio and Corey was able to grab a beer from the restaurant in the store. There's wifi, so it feels like you can stay awhile.

Luckily, this little guy was conked out the entire time.

I'm newly on the lookout for baby-friendly places to shop / eat / hang out in the city, and the DTLA Whole Foods is the entire package. Plus, as Corey has noted, there are an inordinate number of attractive people shopping in this store. FIDM is nearby, so I'm sure that's part of it. But seriously. Even for LA, folk in here look good. We both felt a little schlubby. Ah, Whole Foods. Keeping it real with an element of inferiority. How else would it feel like a privilege to shop here? Heh.