What Does the Fox Say?

Often I'm seized by the need to make something.

This usually happens after I've been staring at a kit / pattern / piece of fabric for weeks, mulling over what to do. 

The latest urge to make came after I'd received a package from my aunt weeks ago containing a few treasures that had belonged to my grandmother. Her note read: 

Since much of my making has been about bebe and I'm currently obsessed with foxes, I decided to use the fabric to make a stuffed toy.

Just a smidgen of googling led to this fabulous fox pattern by dollsanddreams on etsy. Oh, etsy. You rabbit hole of delight. I downloaded the pattern and got started immediately. 

The pattern is easy to use and it was fun deciding which parts of the plaid fabric to use for the head, body and limbs. 

As with most patterns, the joy is in the slow reveal. I love seeing something come together - first as a series of abstract pieces, and then as a recognizable whole. Very satisfying.

My embroidery skills are hardly expert, but I decided to use a cream thread to make the details on the paws. Also, I thought it might be a fun texture.

Well hey there, Fox. Suddenly it has a body and limbs and the ears are adorable. Oh! The pattern also suggests using a few embroidery stitches to add reflection to the eyes and nose, details that I love and appreciate. 

Hooray! Fox is almost ready to stuff! Stuffing is very exciting. That's when it gets all 3-D, my friends.

However. After rummaging around in the closet and getting frustrated by how much like a Tetris disaster it is in there, I finally accepted that I had no stuffing. I briefly considered gutting a throw pillow, but remembered that I live within steps of much stuffing. Okay, Corey reminded me. Why else live in the Fashion District of DTLA?

So I jammed a hat on my head and made a beeline for Michael Levine. Which was closed. Undaunted, I looked around and lo, there was stuffing everywhere. I bought the smallest bag I could ($5!) and headed home.

This is the smallest bag:

Pardon the cordage and general muck. There's the hat I wore. And that's the brilliant table from Scout Regalia that we recently added to our lives, with much rejoicing. More on that in another post. 

Stuffing commenced, and it was so fun to watch Fox plump and appear. 

Sewing the stuffed pieces together proved to be so intellectually demanding that I forgot to take photos. I'm sorry. I also forgot to take in oxygen for much of the sewing. Too risky to breathe.

But here he is! Fox is finished!

The tucks in the ears I find particularly delightful. And the different textures of silk / felt / thread are lovely. 

My grandmother was an amazing woman and artist, and I'd like to think she would approve this re-purposing of a skirt that I'm sure she wore with elegance and grace.