6 Coats for Cold Weather Wear in LA

Okay, okay – I know that "cold" in LA is "balmy" everywhere else – but It was a cold winter in LA. And apart from a couple "heatwaves" (No! Not yet! Please stay cold!) there has continued to be a snap in the air.

And again – I acknowledge that's relative. I'll never forget the time I was in Green Bay, Wisconsin in January and was told "If you're outside and you start to feel sleepy, it means you're dying."


So no, it's never that bad here. But if you live in Southern California long enough, your body naturally starts to feel a little pampered. A little spoiled. So when temperatures drop below 60 degrees, we all chatter away, tuck our hands into our armpits to stay warm (gloves? what are those?) and whine.

I actually love when it gets a little chilly, because one of my favorite seasons for clothing is fall, and that means tights and sweaters and boots and layers and hats and such. Never mind that winter in LA is fall everywhere else.

But an LA lady can find herself in a bit of a quandary when it comes to winter dressing. We don't need the down-filled sleeping bag coats with fur hoods, but we need more than a cardigan. I'm not shy, though – I'll go out bundled up, especially at night. Although I do hesitate to wear my earmuffs.

Here are some options that can work for an LA winter and, frankly, all year-round.

1 Monsieur Coat |  A contrasting lapel takes this wool coat from Madewell up a notch, and it's light enough to layer without getting too bulky.

2 Campbell Blazer | The key here is sticking to naturally warm fabrics - like this Donegal wool blazer from J Crew. Turn up the collar for extra warmth.

3 The Everlane Anorak | A longer sillouette keeps this light, 100% water-resistant jacket modern and perfect for transitional weather.

4 Wool Coat with Hood | The muted gray-blue is a nice alternative to typical dark winter hues, but the hood keeps it in the right season. And is on MASSIVE sale right now, from $149 to $29.99. Get it.

5 Karen Zambos Vintage Couture Pocket Wrap | If all you really want is to feel like you're wrapped in a blanket, then a poncho can be just the thing – and this one with pockets keeps some tailoring in view, too.

6 Bb Dakota Brushed Wool Coat | The luster of this coat is what first caught my eye...that and the pared-down, collarless shape, which I love. Elegant and unique.

Thoughts? What's your go-to cold weather armor?