Me with my mom and dad. I would still wear everything I'm wearing in this photo.


With Corey's sister and her husband after a triumphant sub-loft build. Go vertical!

about joyo

Hallo! My name is Joy Osmanski. Yup – Japanese/Korean/Chinese adoptee with a Polish last name. I was adopted from South Korea when I was seven months old. I grew up in Olympia, Washington and rode my bike in the rain. My teen years were spent wearing a lot of Doc Martens and plaid. I went to college in a tiny town in Illinois and got my MFA in San Diego. I've worked as a graphic designer, teacher, arts educator, ghost writer, photographer, and coach – sometimes, all at once. When I first moved to Los Angeles, I did a lot of temping. Now I'm making my living as an actor, which astounds me. Downtown Los Angeles is the only place in LA that feels like home to me. I love it!

ABOUT joyodowntown

"You live downtown in a loft?"

"All of you in one room?"


I started this blog to answer all those questions – which I'm asked on a regular basis. Also, as of this writing, there's nothing really like it for families in DTLA. Living downtown is already an exercise in navigating uncharted territory. With a kid, it can feel like an alien planet.

I'm also fascinated by what it means to live small and live well. The average family home in the United States is 2,700 square feet. Our loft is less than a third that size, and it feels natural and lovely. Of course, there are unique challenges with a small, shared space, but the rewards are great, too.

Loft living means finding creative solutions for just about everything, in ways that are both beautiful and functional.

I hope this blog provides inspiration, food for thought, and a window into a way of life that demands invention, curiosity, and a love of simplicity.

Thank you for stopping by!


Where: DTLA Fashion District

Who: Joy (me), Corey (my amazing husband), S jr (my amazing son), C jr (my amazing stepkid) and Arlo (the teddybear that poops)

How Much: 830 square feet

How Long: 3+ years in this loft; 6 years total in DTLA